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Ulladulla , Nowra, Wollongong, Illawarra, Sutherland, Kiama, NSW

We wrap all your goods in removal blankets. We put plastics on your mattresses before they are wrapped in blankets. We disassemble and re-assemble furniture, beds etc if needed We have pre-packing available by specially trained packers to insure your knick and knacks arrive at your new house in the same condition they left the old one. For the most part, we are punctual. There has been the rare occasion where traffic accidents, floods and general acts of natural have made us run a little behind time but in those very rare cases, the drivers or office staff will contact you unfailingly and update you on their progress, but it’s a rare occurrence for our trucks to be late.

Unit and Office Relocation:

We are Unit Specialist. For Unit work, we always send three men with truck to save your money. With units, often trucks have to be locked up between loading to avoid theft which takes time. We have estimated that by sending three men instead of two we can cut the average time of your move down by up to 35% which saves a considerable amount of your money on paying-by-hour-service.


Here you can have one of our representatives-call in and give a fixed quote or you can opt for our hourly rate system.

One man and a truck, all equipment supplied $80 hourly.

Two men and a truck, all equipment supplied $100 hourly.

Three men and a truck, all equipment supplied $115 hourly.

Our weekend rate is $130 hourly.(after hourly booking $150 hourly)

These prices are only valid until November 2012.( Minimum of three hours).

Depot or base fees may be applied but these are minimal when choosing anywhere removal NSW.


We offer reliable motor-bike carrier service to our customers to ensure swift, safe and convenient transfer of their motor-bikes from one place to another. Our carriers are very efficient so that they can deliver our clients’ motor-bikes comfortably ensuring a scratch-free-service. These carriers have huge space where number of motor-bikes can be placed without any hassle for a safe delivery. The customers are offered door to door motor-bike carrier service wherein the vehicle is picked up by the professionals from the door step and delivered right at the informed destination, at the exact address.

Packing Price List:

1 Standard Carton (sometimes referred to as tea chest cartons) $20.

1 Book Carton (half size for heavy load) $12.

1 Portarobe. (With Hanger) $35.

All paper, bubble wrap, tape and permanent markers are included in the above price list.

Please Note:

Boxes packed by anyone other than our pre packers are not insurable.

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