We have enrooted and implemented excellent plans for the systematic relocation of goods of Factories, Churches, Households, Banks, and Shops; including antique articles to motor-bikes. We fan out high quality Packing-materials to nail down that the goods should be handled with care and should reach their destination safe and sound.

For the majority of householders, the tussle of packing and moving can be disheartening. Moving should not be accomplished without proper getting-ready. Everything should be well-order and ready for a smooth transition. Today, these tasks are best left to professionals. Getting the right movers who have the experience and expertise can make the whole process stress-free. Ours is a professionally run company and: we take have taken up the service of packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking of the goods. Depending on the nature of the articles; we use appropriate packing material. We take up several steps to make your moving a breeze. Special care is taken for delicate items. We are always eager to give our clients the best possible service. Based on our know-how, we have come to that certain types of transport vehicles and packing methods are of boundless help in providing our 'Class-one-Service'.

Moving Checklist:

A Week before you Move:

  • Collect ant items that are being repaired, loaned out or sent away for cleaning.
  • Sell or dispose of furniture you no longer require.
  • Clean out your attic and basement.
  • Return borrowed DVDs/Library Books.
  • Cancel NEWS Paper Delivery and the like.
  • Organize your final gas meter and electricity readings.
  • Consult with your land-line-Phone company the disconnection date and reconnection details.
  • Put aside a box for items you will need during your move or just after.

Two days before you move:

  • Arrange for your valuable documents, Jewellery, and money to be moved separately.
  • Wash and dry all dirty clothes.
  • Dispose of all flammable, solvents, fuels as these are too dangerous to transport or store.
  • Drain all fuel from lawn mowers, Whipper shippers and dirt bikes etc.
  • Insure all liquids are packed in waterproof containers and sealed tightly.

The Day of your Move:

  • Ensure all children are out of harm way. Don’t let them be running around under the removalists feet or truck.
  • If your Drive-way is not truck-friendly, use your bins etc to try and reserve a spot for your truck.
  • Turn off all taps.
  • Check your gas and electrical switches have been turned off and that your phone has been disconnected.
  • Lock all windows and doors.

In some cases, it may be useful to have your mail redirected to avoid missing any bank statements etc that may still come several weeks after your move.

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